5 Things to Know About HOA Evictions in Tacoma, Washington

5 Things to Know About HOA Evictions in Tacoma, Washington

When you agree to become a member of an HOA, you enjoy the benefits of community living, onsite amenities, and good home values. In return, you need to comply with several terms and conditions.

The most important thing to know about HOA evictions is that your HOA can't legally evict you unless they own the home you're living in. They can place a lien on your house if you don't pay your HOA fees, even if your mortgage is up-to-date.

How they go about this depends on a few things; keep reading to find out more.

1. About HOA Rules

The primary goal of an HOA is to preserve or increase property values for its homeowners. It does this by enacting several rules.

These publicly recorded deed restrictions may include rules governing the external appearance of the houses as well as rules about using shared spaces.

The elected HOA board brainstorms ideas to improve the neighborhood, sets a budget to achieve these aims, and handles any disputes among community members.

2. HOA Fines and Fees

HOA rules help preserve the aesthetics and security of the neighborhood, but they only work if everyone complies. When homeowners knowingly or unintentionally break these rules, their actions can affect everyone in the community.

The HOA board follows a set protocol to punish anyone who does not comply with the rules.

This usually consists of a series of warnings issued to the offender. If they don't or won't comply, the board will issue them a fine.

Most often, the fines increase for every day that the homeowner does not comply.

3. HOA Liens

Homeowners may also face fines for non-payment of their HOA fees. The HOA board will usually work with a homeowner who is having trouble paying their dues if they express a willingness to rectify the matter.

If the homeowner doesn't try to remedy things, the HOA can place a lien on their home. This is a legally binding debt that can inhibit the homeowner's ability to sell their home.

4. HOA Foreclosures

HOAs can also foreclose on a home through the courts or via non-judicial procedures. If the HOA follows this route, you will end up having to sell your home to settle the debt.

This means you'll have to find somewhere else to live, so it's akin to an eviction, albeit more severe.

5. HOA Evictions and Your Tenants

A tenant cannot become a member of the HOA, although most HOAs allow homeowners to rent their homes. The HOA can't evict your tenants or impose fines on them.

Instead, you are liable for any fines they incur. If you allow these fines to add up, the HOA could foreclose on your home because of the actions of your tenant.

Navigating HOA Regulations

When an HOA board hires a professional HOA management team, it can help them avoid unpleasant situations like HOA evictions due to foreclosures.

PMI Cascade has decades of experience managing HOA communities in Washington State. We're adept at enforcing HOA rules to limit homeowners' overdue bills.

This helps keep your community's harmony and finances intact. Get in touch to experience the benefits of running a successful HOA.