3 HOA Holiday Decorating Guidelines for Your Tacoma Community

3 HOA Holiday Decorating Guidelines for Your Tacoma Community

According to a recent survey, almost half of all Americans decorate for the holiday season in between Thanksgiving and the Sunday that follows it. Most people believe this is the appropriate time to start putting up holiday decorations on the exteriors of their homes.

Is it going to be okay for the HOA residents who are a part of your Tacoma, WA homeowner's association to begin their HOA holiday decorating at that time? If so, it'll be important for you to communicate this to them. Your HOA board should let them know when their holiday decorations can go up as well as when they should be taken down.

You should also put other HOA regulations in place when it comes to holiday decorating. Here are three more for you to consider.

1. Limit the Size of Holiday Decorations

When people live in homes that don't fall under the jurisdiction of an HOA, they can pick out holiday decorations that are as big as they want. But when people live in an HOA, they need to try not to put up any decorations that'll be too large.

Your HOA should decide what height restrictions you're going to come up with for things like inflatables and other holiday decorations. It'll prevent your HOA residents from putting up holiday decorations that are way bigger than they should be.

2. Avoid Holiday Decorations That Generate Too Much Noise

Most of the people in your HOA probably live close to one another. As a result, holiday decorations that make a whole lot of noise should be a no-go.

Some of the people in your HOA might enjoy the music and other sounds that holiday decorations make. But others might file noise complaints about these kinds of holiday decorations, so it's best to ban them outright.

3. Steer Clear of Distracting Holiday Decorations

The last thing you want to have happen is for any of your HOA holiday decorating to cause car accidents to occur. But that's exactly what might happen if you let your HOA residents put up lights and other holiday decorations that blink wildly and cause distractions in other ways.

Generally speaking, you should let your HOA residents know they should shy away from putting up any holiday decorations that could lead to people taking their eyes off the road and losing control of their vehicles. These holiday decorations could cause too much trouble and ruin the festive mood within your HOA this Christmas season.

Create the Right HOA Holiday Decorating Guidelines

You shouldn't tell those in your HOA that they can't do any HOA holiday decorating at all. But you also shouldn't allow them to decorate for the holidays without putting any HOA regulations in place.

PMI Cascade is an association management company you can count on to help you enforce these HOA guidelines all throughout the holiday season. We'll make sure your HOA residents are ready to celebrate Christmas without letting them go too overboard with their holiday decorations.

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