How to Choose a Quality Association Management Group

How to Choose a Quality Association Management Group

There are around 300,000 property management groups in the country, but only a handful of them take care of association management as well.

Buying a home in a homeowners association should afford you a vast set of benefits that other homeowners don't have. From community-centric amenities and maintenance of common areas to higher property values, HOA living is meant to make your life easier as a homeowner or rental property investor.

If that's not the case, you probably need better management. In today's post, we'll tell you how to choose a quality association management group. There are plenty of options out there, but if you want to take your HOA to new heights, read on and let us tell you what to look for when hiring a property manager.

How Reputable Are They?

Ultimately, what association property management companies do is help people, so the first thing you should look at is their reputation. If they've got good ratings and reviews from their HOA clients, then you can give them a shot too.

Most HOA managers will display testimonials directly on their website, but you can look at Google and Yelp reviews as well. What you're looking for is red flags that allow you to eliminate the less desirable property managers. Fortunately, unhappy clients aren't shy about sharing these.

Services On Offer

Once you've narrowed your selection to a few of the top association managers in your area, it's time to start researching. Firstly, you want to ensure that they're offering the services that you need. There are various types of property management, each one bringing different things to the table.

Good association management will be able to handle everything that your HOA board of directors does and more. In particular, you want professionals handling the accounting, maintenance, and governance of your HOA. If you're looking for any specific duties, don't hesitate to contact the company to ask if they provide those services.

Will They Work With Your Board?

An HOA must be still in the hands of the homeowners. Having an HOA manager will help your board handle everything discussed above, but you can't have them make important decisions. Find a company that will support your HOA board without asserting themselves too far into the community.

Local Connections

Always inquire about the connections that an association manager has to local vendors. If your community is going to be well-maintained and forward-thinking, you'll need the help of local contractors.

The best HOA managers will come with a large network of landscapers, HVAC experts, roofing contractors, and whatever else your community needs. If they don't have this, they probably don't have the experience to truly help your community.

Get the Best Association Management Group in Tacoma

These tips will help you find the best association management group in Tacoma. When you have a great HOA manager backing your board up, your community will thrive like never before.

At PMI Cascade, we're part of the nation's top property management group. To learn how our services can help your HOA community, contact us today.